Wind Turbine 3kw inst

  Operating data • Rated capacity: 3kW •Cut-in wind speed: 3m/s •Rated wind speed: 9m/s •Cut-out wind speed: 20m/s Rotor •Blade material: fibreglass • Number of rotor blades: 3 • Rotor diameter: 6m • Rotor speed (rated): 150rpm • Rotor speed (max): 200rpm Transmision • Increaser Gear Box Tower • Tower 4 legs lattice • Hub heights: 9m-12m

  Generator • Permanent Magnet Alternator 800W * 4units • Rate max 70V, 12A @1800rpm Converter • DC to DC converter w/ microprocessor for battery management, • Input 24-100V, output 24volt system (batere + inverter) Inverter •Output AC 220V, total 3000watt •500W at batere >20volt •2500W: on at batere> 25V, off at batere <23V

  Weights • Blades 11kg * 3 • Rotor n shaft 45 kg • Hub & gearbox 50kg • Alternator 4 kg * 4 • Cover, Tail, etc 15 kg Yaw system • Upwind by tail vane Maintenance • Grease, oil cek • Repaint / touch-up corrosion protect •Overall check

  Fail-safe •MicroProcessor (computer) Rotor blade pitch control at high wind speed •Rotor blade pitch park position (Computer), auto restart •Vibration trigered park position, manual restart. •Manual park and restart. Lightning protection system • Lightning receptors along blades • Lightning path to ground designed to protect main bearing • Surge protection in electrical components


Wind Turbine disimpan di lokasi, menunggu pembangunan tower besi,

Doain yaaa, biar lancarrrrrr…….


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